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He held only one Lumpinee belt during his career as well as a few less notable titles but Sakmongkol was a stadium favorite known for his aggressive style. This move was later banned as fighters sometimes got toss over the top rope and sustained serious injuries. Thank you @p.k.saenchaimuaythaigym for letting me training with such a legend. Anuwat Kaewsamrit Named after Ajarn Pipa, this teep is used by the fighters of the Jockey Gym . It doesnt take a great deal of power, which is great, but the angle of the pull is important:back, not around. Yodkhunpon on the other hand has very little backward sway. Keep in mind, there are ranges of attacks, and fighting styles which shape these things. Just dont do it against a fighter like Yodkhunpon. Langsuan was known as Mr Mean and the Heartless Knee Striker for his hard low kicks and even harder knee strikes. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Somluck fought for about 300 fights in his Muay Thai career, beating the champions of the golden age but was never given a title shot at the stadiums due to promoter politics at play. His technique isnt because it looks good on a bag or is theoretically efficient; its practical, its meant for impact and maximum damage. The first is: stay in the pocket. It wa. Jam Buka : Senin - Jumat: 10:30 - 13:00 & 16:00 - 19:30, Sabtu: 08:30 - 11:30. Ploenjit in New Jersey. Han besejrede legenden Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym p point ved Lumpinee den 10. maj 2013. You get the entire picture of a Muay Buek fighter out of the legendary Pinsinchai gym . But he is also well-known outside of Thailand for fighting and winning against western fighters like Ramon Dekkers, Dany Bill, Mourad Sari and John Wayne Parr. Get your stance wide, preferably with one leg on the outside of your opponents knee and making contact. Back then, it was straight-up action right off the first bell. Team. I will include him in the list of 30. The Upright Knee is more of a forward moving, close range, combination or clinch style approach to the knee. In the GIF below you can see a super important part of his style, his footwork. Yodkhunpon received his nickname during the period when he fought at Samrong Stadium, one of the officials, Anucha Watcharatangka, called him the "Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches" as . Right now Im currently filming 7 days with Yodkhunpon, the first of which is now published here, and On Demand. There is nobody like Dieselnoi. He is considered one of the best "Muay Sok" in Muay Thai history. For the snuffing, suffocating fighter, its taking away even the breathing room between you and your opponent. . Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum. If you are unfamiliar with Yodkhunpon, here is a highlight video of him, above. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Quite the same Wikipedia. A perfect embodiment of the Muay Sok style and ideology is the legendary golden age fighter Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum affectionately known as the elbow hunter of 100 stitches who became a champion in both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums. Wangchannoi holds an impressively high win rate of 267 victories in about 300 fight appearances. The Petchrungruang gym where I train is encircled by small, one-room apartments. Ive already shot 30+ days with Karuhat, 23 of which have been published, and Ive shot 30 days with WBC World Champion Chatchai Sasakul (which will be published in time). Saengmuangnoi Loogjaopormahaesak, more commonly known as Samson Isaan or Samson Dutch Boy Gym, was one of Muay Thai golden era's best heavy punchers. Here are 20 of my favorites and top Muay Thai fighters who have helped to shape the golden era of the sport: The best of the best. Yodwicha Clinch and Muay Khao (Knee) Specialist (35 min) watch it here. You can see a basic form of that attack from southpaw in the 4 minute clip I provided. A perfect example of the overwhelming aggressive pressure of a Muay Sok and its brutal efficiency would be the bout in May 2022 on Thai fight between Saiyok Pumphanmuang Vs Jordan Watson which saw the Thai natives forward pressure overwhelm the British former world champion, leading to a gritty and drawn out pummelling over the course of 3 rounds. Fighters Stories, About That style comes through in this session and the 7 days with him are meant to show as much depth as possible into that style. Ive heard from countless cornermen over my years, knees and elbows work together. They mean that I knee enough that I should be throwing elbows, too. #12 Andy Thomson Mad Scientist of Muay Thai (56 min) watch it here. Time to become a Yodkhunpon Sittraipum, Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches fan, if you arent already! The idea of the Intensive, and of this website, is to provide deep study of many styles and techniques, as well as offering those study videos on Demand to help funnel money towards the legends themselves. The slicing elbow was a signature technique of "The Elbow Hunter", Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum, a former Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium champion. The lean back is a visually dynamic knee. He had a technical style which Having surpassed 100, and then 200, becoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible 471 times, the historical record for the greatest number of documented professional fights (see western boxer Len Wickwar, circa 1940), and along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: see patreon.com/sylviemuay. This is some of what I wrote in my Patreon Only post which you can jump to if you are already a member (or you can become a member in just a minute or so). But believe me it does. Or they might use the Sok Ngat when engaged in the clinch to slip through the center of the guard to strike the chin while maintaining the posture and arm positioning to defend effectively. Training conditions were tougher, and the pool of competing talents was much bigger. He received his ring name under the teaching Thongpon Kwamsawat. From Westerners Nathan "Carnage" Corbett. Yodkhunpon received his nickname during the period when he fought at Samrong Stadium, one of the officials, Anucha Watcharatangka, called him the "Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches" as his opponents would always end the fights with cuts, win or loss.[3]. In the GIF above this is a real time motion. Dont forget to knee your opponent in the gut after each of these successful escapes. He faced some of the top-line Muay Thai kickboxers, for example Chamuekpet Hapalang, Methee Jaydeepitak, Noppadej Sor.Rewadee, Tahaneak Praeaumpol, Chaidej Kiatchansing, Chatchai Paiseetong, Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum, Veeraphol Sahaprom, etc. . You get the entire picture of a Muay Buek fighter out of the legendary Pinsinchai gym . Lots of fine details in this one . 1. Reply. He was an incredible fighter, simultaneously holding the 118 lb title at both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern, back in the Golden Age of Muay Thai. The most obvious strength of a Muay Sok fighter is the ruthlessly aggressive pressure that they bring to any fight, the elbow being unpadded and used in tight and efficient slashing motions serve as not only a dangerous weapon but a means to intimidate their adversary, making them think twice before throwing punches or kicks this hesitation can force an error which will allow the Muay Sok fighter to capitalize on the brief lapse of judgment and step inside and to begin their onslaught. Khun, as he goes by, is very soft-spoken. MX MUAY XTREME champion 70 kg. You can support this documentation and also learn from it as it grows with a suggested pledge of $5. Simultaneous Raja and Luminee title holder at 118 lbs, Yodkhunpon was one of the most feared elbow fighters in Thailand, and in this session he teaches the looseness and spacing that made his lead elbow such a viscious weapon. In a conversation, there are longish pauses when hes considering his answer or what he wants to ask next. 266 wins, 15 losses, 2 draws. He would then land a strike or throw them to the canvas. 151K subscribers in the MuayThai community. You can alternate between the two almost seamlessly, especially because he keeps his head down and shoulders in guard all the while that hes kneeing. The brothers Namphon and Namkabuan, hailing from Nongkee district of Buriram, were two of the best fighters of the golden era. Muay Thai highlight of muay khao fighter Yodkhunpon SittraiphumYodkhunpol Sittrayphum was a relentless clinch fighter who specialised in elbow strikes. I know Im probably wrong because of guys like Yodkhunpon, young Karuhat and Hippy but have to ask a person who knows the Golden Age scene better than I do. Chamuakpetch was also the recipient of the 1985 Fighter of the Year award. Above is 15 minutes of our hour and 17 minute conference call discussing the first two chapters of the a new series of study articles examining the full-length sessions in the Intensives, written by James Poidog Yodkhunpon: The rent or buy this single hour long session here, Never Giving Ground | Episode 21 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 63 min, Yodkunpon Intensive Day 2: The Oceanic Tide of Thailand | poi-notes (72 min), Yodkhunpon Intensive Day 3 Like Oil on Water |, Karuhat Intensive Day 24 The Clairvoyant | poi-notes, Join Us For Mental Training Reading The Inner Game, Yodkunpon Intensive Day 2: The Oceanic Tide of Thailand |, Yodkhunpon Intensive Day 3 Like Oil on Water | poi notes (57 min), How to Stand Listening to the Music and Not the Words, Join Us For Mental Training Reading The Inner Game Chapters 1 & 2, That Gallop Episode 22 | Yodkhunpon Intensive Day 1 | 64 min, You Should Not Be Thinking | Episode 20 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 56 min, The Samson Isaan Pulse and Dictating Tempos | Diving Into the Library, As If Tethered | Episode 19 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 64 min, Karuhat Intensive Day 24 The Clairvoyant, Yodkunpon Intensive Day 2: The Oceanic Tide. Sagat Petchyindee was a heavy punching KO specialist but also equally graceful in the Wai Kru Ram Muay dance. Another strength of a Muay Sok fighter is the ability to freely move when engaging in close range, because they choose to throw a limited number of knees and kicks they have the opportunity to move in shorter sharper steps laterally to create angles for cleaner strikes, a common example of this would be to throw a jab followed by a step in Sok Tat (horizontal elbow) to block the opponents vision, then circle out to their favored side before firing a second elbow usually a Sok Ti to the side of the head bypassing the guard. An instructor for more than 2 decades, a mentor to so many, he innovatively teaches a Muay Thai emphasizing symmetry, strength, balance and explosiveness, expanding what the body can do under duress, holding pads like no others do. Sometimes he just appears at the side of the ring and watches me on the bag or asks me about my upcoming fights, like hes just anybody, or like Im somebody. This heralded a decline of the sport in many ways. Even though he did not hold any of the belts from Lumpinee and Rajadamnern, there is no dispute about having Somluck Khamsing on this list. In one sense you can decide which knee to use based on your opponent, different knees for different occasions, and not based on a singularity of whats correct. But in another sense striking techniques fit into a system of fighting usually. He is remembered for some wild, all-out wars with Kaolan Kaovichit, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Den Muangsurin, as well as western fighters like Ramon Dekkers and John Wayne Parr. Its the dern style of walking in and not backing up. Hi Phan! #13 Kem Sitsongpeenong Building a System(52 min) watch it here. Your leg works to stop your opponent from following along and they will kind of resist you for a period of movement before finally theres a degree to which they cant follow anymore and theyll peel right off. Robert Kaennorasing ( Thai: ) is a Thai Muay Thai fighter who is a former three weights Rajadamnern Stadium champion and Isuzu Cup winner during the Muay Thai golden era. Lots of fine details in this one, escapes from clinch locks, turns and catches. Silapathai Jockey Gym #8 Cherry sor vanit But the right location of pressure and the arms just break open. No other fighting style employs these strikes as liberally as the Muay Sok, choosing to step into close range battling past kicks, knees and punches to land successive elbows of varying techniques to great effect. The training is brutal, and the time in the ring, even more so. This is nearly an hour and a half of straight on Muay Khao instruction. When the occasion called for it, Langsuan was also not afraid to throw hands. #15 Yodkhunpon The Elbow Hunter part 2 Escapes (48 min) watch it here. It may take a few viewings to absorb what he is teaching. Han slog Wanchalerm Aodoonmuang ved afgrelse i Lumpinee den 16. juli 2013 i det andet forsvar af sin letvgts titel. Yodkhunpon Sitraipum ( ) is a Thai Muay Thai fighter. February 19, 2021. Hippy Singmanee Developing power (69 min) watch it here. In this case, Khun has devised a technique that allows knees and elbows to work together. And hes quite small, a slim build and his head is always kind of bowed forward, although his back is upright and connotes a proud posture. When the opponent grabs middle or lower back and your arms are on the outside, you wrap your arms around theirs so that your biceps arebehind their elbows. carlosguerreiroofficial. One of the best elbows you'll ever see, if not the best. and Lamsongkram Chuwattana aka King of the Elbow. Youll have to try this a few times to figure out where you want your head to be, but it cant be on the same side as the arm youre pulling with so where your head ends up determines which side you will use for pulling. They threw them in very different stylistic ways. #3 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn The King of Knees (54 min) watch it here. All great fighters for sure. With the same side as the leg to the outside of your opponents knee, grip the back of your opponents neck as in a normal clinch grip, pinching the opposite side arm under yours and placing your glove heel of your palm against the ribs just under the shoulder. These lock escapes are a prime example of the kind of knowledge Im trying to capture and preserve in my Patreon Muay Thai Library. Learn how spacing+timing+relaxation produces dynamic power. Leave a comment! He is believed to have received nearly 300 stitches over his whole career. As good as he was as a fighter, hes a sublime, thoughtful teacher, and it is exactly for instructors like him that my long form video Library was created you have to see the training unfold. By the late 90s, the Asian financial crisis crippled the regions economy with Thailand being one of the countries that was most badly hit. Alamat : Jl Kemang Pratama Raya AB2, Bojong Rawalumbu, Bekasi. The Muay Soks need to close distance and fire of elbows can be taken advantage of by a skilled Muay Femur, making this a very interesting clash of styles with whoever can implement their strategy the best usually coming out on top, this can be seen in the two fights between Chanajon PK Saenchai and Saiyok Phumpanmuang with each scoring a knockout victory over the other, Chanajon with a high kick and Saiyok with an elbow. There are far fewer people in Thailand turning to Muay Thai fighting as a career nowadays. It was no surprise when Veerapol transitioned to boxing in 1994 following a brief but impactful period in Muay Thai from 1988 to 1994.


    One of the best clinch fighters in Thailand, co-Fighter of the Year, sharing his unique attack style. [2] Yodkhunpon followed his team when to moved to establish an actual gym called Lukjaopomehsak. edited 4y Nov fighter. All time yodkhunpon sittraiprum ( aka, known as elbow hunter of 100 stiches) was well known back in golden ages for his ruthless elbows. This list would not be complete without Samart Payakaroon right at the top. As he started competing only when he was 13 -which was late by Thai standards-, Karuhat retired with 190 fights and a stellar 165 wins. On a soccer team you have 50 players, he said, and with that youll get 50 different kicks. In your opinion, who are the greatest southpaw fighters in Muay Thai history, and what makes them great? #6 Namkabuan Nongkipahuyut Explosive Attack (28 min) watch it here. #7 Karuhat Sor. Its awesome. Hi Nestor, by | May 25, 2022 | buvette nyc reservations | american cancer society 40 mile challenge 2021 | May 25, 2022 | buvette nyc reservations | american cancer society 40 mile challenge 2021 Topking champion 70 kg. Ive been looking into the division at the moment and it is *really* stacked so I was inclined to say that this might be one of the most exciting times of the division ever. Kaennorasing (1984-1987) Occupation. For a decade between 1992 to 2002, Samson was undefeated at 43-0. He was also the 1991 Fighter of the Year winner. Muay Thai highlight of Penek Sitnumnoi. Who do you think I have left out and should be included here? His go-to move was to counter a body kick by grabbing the leg and then pushing the opponent across the ring to throw them off-balance. Namphon Nongkee Pahuyuth was a three-time Lumpinee stadium champion who fought at the highest level in the late-80s. Thanks for your suggestions! Orono was a classic Muay Bouk (aggressive fighter) who was always moving forward and throwing big, heavy strikes. 23K followers. Against Yodkhunpon, he says youre open for an elbow and I believe him. Not only that, Paruehuslek is recorded as the only one in history to have knocked out the GOAT. #10 Charoen Sap Kiatbongchong #11 Karuhat Sor. Below is a selection of my Part 1 of my 2nd private with the ferocious "Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches" Yodkhunpon Sittripum, who happens to be a next door neighbor to my gym. Namkabuan held the Lumpinee Junior Lightweight (130 lbs) title for an incredible 6 years until he vacated the belt upon retirement. The second is to counter attack immediately, learning to strike back. Yodkhunpon followed his team when to moved to establish an actual gym called Lukjaopomehsak. Their weaknesses and strengths are meshed together with a family of attacks and defenses. This one really gets into the specifics of clinch technique and defense. I love Yodkhunpon. I can only describe the things hes teaching here as: Be like sand. For him, the lean back is putting your head precisely in his striking range with the chin tending to pop up. He was a rapid and heavy puncher and was also quick on his feet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can also subscribe to the entire series, there are now over 28 hours of commentary training footage published: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sakmongkol Sittchuchoke was a regular at the Lumpinee stadium in the early nineties. Most of the session is him just getting me more comfortable in the pocket, where knees and elbows can work together. A deep, spearing knee might work well for a retreating fighter up against the ropes, discouraging a charging puncher, or create a nice visual body shot for a long distance strike. Chatchai Sasikul. . The second version is ideal for a higher grip, under your armpits, (though sometimes it can work with a lower body lock). He was awarded the prestigious Fighter of the Year accolade in 1986. The Sylvie Study Intensive project, as you know, has thus far been devoted to the 30+ day intensive study of the fighting style of legendary Golden Age fighter Karuhat Sor. Learn how spacing+timing+relaxation produces dynamic power. Supawan Be Like Sand (62 min) watch it here. Orono Por Muang Ubon was a big name and a crowd-favorite when he competed in the 90s. In the full video he works a lot on his patented lead elbow attack. He won both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern championships at 118 lbs. Its the same with Muay Thai, he reasoned. Additionally, with the recent COVID regulations putting a temporary (now ended) restriction on knees in Muay Thai in Thailand, we saw a shift in tactics with many Muay Khao fighters choosing to adapt to a more elbow oriented approach, this increase in elbow use, the knockouts that followed and the excitement that came with it will most likely lead to the Muay Sok style being more prominent in the years to come. The Muay Sok style is one of the most exciting forms of Muay Thai to grace the arenas of Thailand throughout the years with legends like Yodkhunpon Sittraipum Sak Kaoponlek leading the charge. Editors Note: I can think of another 10 fighters from the Muay Thai golden era to add to the list. #5 Anantasak pon yutapom The first one is an arm break. It kind of looks and works like magic.
  • {thumb} {title} {stats}<\/span><\/li>"},"theme":{"name":""}}. Wangchannoi was a strong fighter with powerful punches who held wins over Karuhat Supawan, Kaensak Sor Ploenjit, Samart Payakaroon and a legendary round-1 KO of Namkabuan Nongkee Pahayuth (33 seconds!). Best is his floating, gentle style that also holds such violence. Ive knocked many opponents out with them. His voice is quiet and everything he says is measured, as though hes thinking as he speaks. Today as I was leaving the gym I got in a conversation with Khun, who was expressing disbelief in how many people teach the lean back knee. There is nobody like Dieselnoi. Added in 24 Hours. He also shuns the traditional rocking chair knee, and instead teaches a powerful stand-in crossing, open-hipped knee that compliments his elbows up top. All things Muay Thai, news, upcoming events & general discussion. By pledging a suggested $5 a month (a minimum pledge of $1) you get immediate access to this full Library of training techniques, and will benefit from new long form videos published from Thailand added more than once a month, now more than 6 hours of video. above, 5 minutes of my private with Yodkhunpon. It forces you to just remain where you are under attack, building confidence in your ability to block elbows in a basic guard. For one thing, frames can make the forearms a barrier . Namkabuan Nongkeepayhuyut. His footwork involves these deep steps as he gallops forward to cut off the ring. He also shuns the traditional rocking chair knee, and instead teaches a powerful stand-in crossing, open-hipped knee that compliments his elbows up top. He opened a chain of restaurants in Isaan which he ran for many years until his death in 2016 at the age of 47 (pneumonitis). You can then add in a good push of your hips backwards and your upper body putting downward pressure on your opponent. # 6 Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee He made up for it with unsurpassed mastery of every weapon of Muay Thai, most notably his teep and amazing movement. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Yodkhunpon started training and fighting Muay Thai at the age of twelve at Sitraipum camp which was just a field with rudimental equipment, no ring in the Roi Et Province. He definitely deserves a spot here. An award reserved for the cream of the crop, Kaensak Sor Ploenjit received the Fighter of the Year twice in row, in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Chamuakpetch Harpalang is one of Muay Thais most decorated champions of all time, winning the Lumpinee title 4 times and the Rajadamnern title 5 times across 7 weight classes! Samsons time in Muay Thai lasted from 1988 to 1994, after which he transitioned to boxing full-time. There he trained alongside Samson Isaan before going to Bangkok to fight. Spending this hour with him lets you feel how much love and energy he pours into his Muay Thai, even at this age, the real secret to what make him dominant in the Golden Age of the sport. You can rent or buy individual sessions like this one, or subscribe to the entire series, and study multiple legends in detail. (He made a joke today about how if a Roi Et where hes from dern fighter is going backwards, its because hes stumbling. Its all about weight transfer. And like Chamuakpetch, Panomtuanlek was a clinch-and-knee specialist. Yodkhunpon Sittraipum is a Thai Muay Thai fighter who is a former Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium champion. Yodkhunpon is an incredible instructor. This is nearly an hour and a half of straight on Muay Khao instruction. You have way more control from start to finish. The gym is run by former Lumpinee Champion Attachai Fairtex who is a legendary fighter in Thailand. Sakmongkol holds wins over many notable champions of his time like Orono Por Muang Ubon, Namkabuan Nongkee Pahayuth, Jongsanan Fairtex, and Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj. Very often Yodkhunpon, or Khun as it is shortened (not the samekhun meaning you but with a rising tone that has a meaning of a title something like a knight), will call me over at the end of his sessions to help explain or demonstrate something, or most often just because he wants to work with me on something. Below is a selection of my Part 1 of my 2nd private with the ferocious Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches Yodkhunpon Sittripum, who happens to be a next door neighbor to my gym. Everytime I watch this I learn something new. Below is a selection of my Part 1 of my 2nd private with the ferocious Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches Yodkhunpon Sittripum, who happens to be a next door You can support this content: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu on Patreon, A 100 lb. . Dieselnoi pt 2 The King of Knees (54 min) watch it here. Despite his many accolades and being known as possibly the greatest Muay Sok in the history of Muay Thai Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum perhaps was better known for always leaving his opposition needing stitches regardless of the bouts result regardless of whether he won or lost his fights were always a gritty, bloody test of endurance for his opponents. . Passionate Muay Thai fans flocked to the grand stadiums of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern to watch their favorite fighters compete. Instead of the rocking chair motion, hes more like a swivel chair. Join and Study from the Patreon Muay Thai Library suggested pledge $5 Had the pleasure of attending his camp couple of weeks ago. "Tales from the Elbow Hunter - Fighting in the Provinces & America", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Yodkhunpon_Sittraiphum&oldid=1107114274, Pages using fight record start with no kickboxing, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 28 August 2022, at 06:51.


    He told me to stay upright. Andy Thomson Ban Doi Modt. Defends Rajadamnern Stadium 118 lbs title. He headlined many of the fights at Lumpinee under OneSongChai promotion. The fighting style which provides the most unfavorable match up for the Muay Sok is the Muay Khao, Which also tends to prefer fighting in close ranges however they are able to throw mid-range strikes in the form of slightly longer range knees at distance where the fighter will be unable to counter with an elbow, and should the Muay Sok step forward and engage in the clinch the Muay Khao can lock up the arms and still throw knees, which in traditional Thai scoring outpoint elbows. His upright knee is quick, short and powerful, matching at the lower level what he wants to do up top. ) . #8 Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj Advanced Clinch (52 min) watch it here. Not many recordings of his fights exist on the web, sadly. Perhaps the most appealing thing to me about Khuns knees over the lean-back knees are that found that Im far more on balance coming off of them than I am leaning back. Namphon was a tough Nak Muay who never backed down, pushing forward for the win with his hard knees and right kicks. Fighting styles were spectacularly diverse too. He combines Muay Khao fighting with technical precision and explosive energy. #7 Chatchaipai Sidyodthong I just jab him in the chest and knock him backwards, because he leans back on knees and drives with his hips hes long. Kongthoranee is a 5-division Lumpinee stadium champion who outclassed competitors with his elite technical skills, superior defense and immense striking power. Yodkhunpons knee on the other hand has a kind of shiv quality, not far from the motions Sagat teaches, though Sagat is a puncher and favors a little lean. Whats interesting to me is that 99% of those teaching the lean back in the west or even otherwise will explain its benefits with a nod toward defense against counter punches. Its very interesting to pair Yodkhunpon with Karuhat because each of them were famed for their elbows. It may take a few viewings to absorb what he is teaching. Third, and maybe most important for his style, is that this is a game of rhythm. Sangtiennoi fought actively between 1986 to 1996, bagging one Rajadamnern title in 1986 and a Lumpinee title in 1996. Nungubon Sitlerchai (46 kg) female Muay Thai fighter. Gym Advice and Experiences ; My List of Muay Thai Gyms I Recommend in Thailand Followers . Hes a dern fighter, which means he is constantly coming forward, often chasing kickers across the ring. Improved in 24 Hours. Muay Plum (The Clinch Specialist) . Famously known as the Deadly Kisser, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj would kiss his opponents when he wins his fights. Muay Thai fight highlights of aggressive Muay Khao Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum - Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches | | Yodkhunpon Sittraiphum was a relentless knee fighter who rained down elbows to his opponents' head and face in volume. Pi Earn Head Trainer of PTT Petchrungruang (34 min) watch it here. He received the Lumpinee Fighter of the year award in 1997 and 1998. Get your head out of reach, makes sense. All of Muay Thai / Thai boxings finest fighters on one page. Part 2 of my session with one of the most feared elbow fighters of the Golden Age, Yodkhunpon Sitraipom, The Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches. Spending this hour with him lets you feel how much love and energy he pours into his Muay Thai, even at this age, the real secret to what make him dominant in the Golden Age of the sport. Pienso que son muchos de aquella poca 2022 - 10 - "" | Teep to face Muay Thai (Counted/K.O.

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